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Friday Haiku – 100 Word combo

Posted by misterlou on May 25, 2009

Words are bold, sometimes
writ large so we don’t miss them
they shout loud to us

young people are bold
sometimes brazen and foolish
bold without wisdom

our leaders are bold
and their bold has brought us war
where is the wisdom?

little kids are bold
they try to do things and learn
from things that don’t work

the things that cause pain
become that which they avoid
bold becomes a tool

what tools do they use?
those we have chosen to lead
what things do they learn?

discipline? respect?
humbleness? One thing well done –
they shout loud to us.

The above is a Friday Haiku and 100 Word Challenge (the subject of the challenge is ‘bold’) all rolled into one. I don’t usually get political – or apolitical. As a Viet Nam Veteran, I saw too many young men die. At the time, I thought there was a reason to be there. As a now older man I see little reason for war and no reason to sacrifice the lives of our young men and women. I suppose my objections will fall on deaf ears. I will not be able to make any difference. Man has always fought wars. And I guess they always will. And young people will die. You would think the ‘older, wiser’ people who lead them to war would know better. I do.

This was first published on 14Feb08 as http://louceel.blogspot.com/2008/02/friday-haiku-100-word-combo.html


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